Our Club has been fortunate to have board members volunteer their time and talents to make this a vibrant and active club. We have a number of board members who've decided it is time to pass the baton on to others. Thank you to our Treasurer- Marty Shoop, our VP- Rory Liebrum, and Webmaster- Joe Laurito who have all faithfully served our club and have been instrumental in making the club what it is today. We are grateful for their years of service and are looking for nomiminations/volunteers to step up and continue their work.

Here are positions coming open for the membership’s consideration along with a brief description of what the position entails. New board members are selected at the annual board meeting in November (date is TBD). If anyone has interest or has questions on a positon, please reach out to the current board member holding that position or any other board member before the end of October.

He or she shall perform the duties of the President when necessary and shall, working with the Treasurer, maintain the current paid up membership list of the club. He or she shall also work with the Newsletter Editor in the preparation and maintenance of the club’s mailing list and annual roster and handle dissemination of membership cards and membership applications.

He or she shall collect and disburse the funds of the club, maintain appropriate checking account records, and prepare monthly financial reports for the board of Directors and tax returns and filings as may be necessary. The Treasurer shall, working with the Vice-President and Membership secretary, maintain a paid-up membership list. He or she shall also be responsible for purchasing club novelty items that may be sold from time to time.

He or she shall be responsible for maintaining the website of the CPTC. The Newsletter Editor, Officers and the general membership shall provide suitable materials of interest for publication. The website should contain a schedule of events, membership application information, and other club information. He/she is also responsible for any related license applications.