Installing rug snaps
by Joe Laurito

 Installing snaps in a new carpet is pretty easy once you do it a few times. This component is put into the rug to mate up with the male component attached to the floor.

 Align your carpet and you can feel the location of the floor snap with your fingers. Tape isnít needed; I merely used it to show you the location.

 Press the top ring into the rug and carefully turn that corner of the rug over making sure that the ring doesn't slip out of the rug.

 Put a block of wood under the snap and push down the bottom portion until you see the tines show through the holes on the bottom piece.

 Use a flat blade screwdriver to bend the tines down toward the outside of the snap.

 Undo the fasteners to clean underneath the rug or to access the spare tire. If you get it tight enough, the rings almost disappear.

 My next job is to refurbish the cardboard trunk liner.


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